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Elad Tayar

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Elad Tayar

Personal Details
26th October 1984
Tel Aviv, Israel

Elad Tayar

Personal details

26th October 1984
Tel Aviv, Israel


A Product designer & Manager with 20 years of experience working on digital products and websites.
I am passionate about technology, design and combining them to simplify how things work. 

I have led UX/UI and design work at Waze for over ten years.
In the past two years, I worked various of projects and personal work as well es expanding and deepening my knowledge into other fields like 3D and programming.  

I’m looking for a lead UX/UI position in a product-focused company.

UX/UI Design, Management and team leading, Prototyping, UX Research & User testing, Motion Design, 3D Modeling and rendering, Illustration, Branding & Product management. 
Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Octane Render, Redshift, XCode (SwiftUI). 
Bachelor of Design
Shankar college of enginneering and design. 

Hebrew - Mother tongue
English - Fluent

3 Years, Field Intelligence.

Career Milestones 

2002 - TODAY

2008 - 2018


Head of UX/UI & Design.
Product manager.

I have joined the company since the start. 

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Was recognized as Key-employee in the company. 

Product design lead, Branding

  • Created the Waze brand (logo, assets, look and feel of the app). 
  • Planned and designed the main app stucture and hirechchy (2015). 
  • Worked side by side with CPO & Product managers to understand and define objectives, KPI’s, Yearly and quarterly roadmaps and features. 
  • dev leads,  UX strategy,
  • Feature owner, Initiated features and redesigns from initial concept to launch.

Team leading

  • Built and managed a team of 14 designers (Product designers, Motion designers and 1 Engineer) that provides all UX and design needs across the company.   UX strategy,
  • Managed day to day work, day-to-day design guidance provided feedback and helped designers and team grow their areas, Such as the map editor, community tools, analytics, and internal tools.Oversee and drive UX method and process for product development.
  • Introduced new tools and design processes and help the team grow their careers as individuals and to make an impact as a team on the product.Improve the quality of overall design output by example and through definition of system design thinking for cross experiences within the platform.

Product work

  • Tracked data, Defined KPI’s and worked closely with developers and BI to measure and understand data. 
  • Played a big part in building the company roadmap. 
  • Met and presented future plans to Waze’s strong community members around the wold to get their more countries.  

2018 - 2019

Staff interaction designer  

Google Podcast Manager

  • UX/UI lead for Google podcast analytics platform.
  • Helped to create the vision for the future of podcasts at Google with Podcasts analytics, a tool that give publishers more data about their podcasts, utilizing the knowlege, API’s of various teams at Google. 
  • Google podcast manager is a tool for publishers that provides them with more data about their podcasts.
            Contacts - Zehava kashai, Ofir 

Crisis response team (Search UX)

  • Joined the team to help create an internal tool that will smooth the process between stakeholders in the Crisis team and make it easier for Google to provide quick and meaningful data when people use Google’s search in times of crisis.
  • Mapped all the processes needed to Crisis response at Google. 

2020 - TODAY



Product, Design, SwiftUI.

Founded with formet Mobile architect & iOS team lead at Waze. 
Taptics is a company where we work together to create digital tools and toys for iOS and the mac. 
We collaborate together in SwiftUI to create the UI. 
We’ve launched two appsso far and we have two more more projects in progress.

  • Product definitions. 
  • Tracking data. 
  • UX design and prototyping. 
  • Development using SwiftUI. 

  • Notito - Group Widgets 

  • Countdown Widget Maker

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    • 340,000 Downloads Worldwide.
    • Creating customizable Countdown widgets for the iPhone.
    • Featured on the App Store (App of the day).


Smart Calendar

Co Founder.

Founded with formet Mobile architect & iOS team lead at Waze.

  • Initial concept, Product, Research and business model. 
  • UX/UI and mockups 
  • Product aimed to solve calendars and make them into a more effective, and powerful tool both for socializing and for managing your life. 

  • Product Definition
  • UX/UI
  • SwiftUI

2007 - 2008


Web Designer & Art Director

Web designer and motion designer (Flash).
Worked for various of big companies in the israeli industry such as Orange, Bank Poalim, Comverse and many more.  Created portals, websites, and internal tools and dashboards. 

2002 - 2006


Web Designer

Web designer and motion designer (Flash).
Worked for various with various of big companies in the israeli industry.